Dog Supplies
Cat Supplies

Cat litter (Scoopable clumping)

Dry cat food (Purina Kitten & Cat Chow)

Canned cat food (Friskies Pate)

Whiskas Cat Milk

Cat treats/beds/toys

Pet food dishes & rubber pet mats

Flaked Pine Shavings

Beef / Chicken baby food

Dry dog food

Canned dog food

Dog treats & bones

Dog beds

Pet food dishes & rubber pet mats

Leashes & Collars

Puppy Milk

Paper towels/ Window cleaner

Clorox bleach & Clorox wipes

Pine Sol or Lysol floor cleaner

Sponges & sponge mops

Brooms & dust pans

Dish detergent

Laundry detergent

Towels / Rags (new or used)

Baby blankets (new or used)



File Folders

Postage Stamps

Large/ Small Mailing Envelopes

Plastic sheet protectors (for adoption binders)

Office Paper 

Tarps (for yard sales)

HP 61 ( new or used ) Ink Cartridges

Pens/ Staplers/ Staples/ Thumbtacks/ Sharpie Markers/Notepads

Cleaning Supplies
Office Supplies

Sanctuary Wish List


This is our wish list of items needed for feeding & caring for the animals, and for cleaning the Sanctuary.  Any and all donations are welcome and are tax-deductible (receipt given if requested).

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