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Adoption Policy


All pets adopted from the Sanctuary must meet the following conditions:


1.  Adopter shall provide food, daily fresh water, shelter, and appropriate veterinary care at all times.


2.  If the Adopter is unable to continue to care for the pet, the Adopter SHALL NOT abandon or give the pet away but return the pet in a healthy condition to the Sanctuary -- AT NO COST TO THE SANCTUARY.


3.  The Sanctuary shall have the right to remove this pet from the Adopter's property if the pet is not receiving adequate and proper care or maintenance.


4.  Should the pet ever become lost or stolen, the Adopter shall notify the Sanctuary immediately, and shall make every effort to locate and recover the pet.


5.  Adopter shall notify the Sanctuary of any change in current home address or telephone number.


6.  Adopter shall obtain all of the required licenses or tags from the municipality in which the Adopter resides.


7.  If the pet is not already spayed or neutered, and the pet is of proper age, the Adopter shall agree to have the surgery performed within a reasonable period of time following the adoption.  This date will be specified in the Adoption Contract.  Adopter agrees that the pet will not be allowed to bear a litter, nor allow the pet to run at large.


8.  Adopter shall NEVER allow a cat to be declawed, nor allow the cropping of any dog's ears or tail.


9.  Adopter shall provide INDOOR shelter at all times.

If the adoption doesn't work out, you are always welcome to bring our adopted pet back to the sanctuary!

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